Custom Packaging Portal

Custom Packaging Page.PNG

The problem: A custom packaging company without proof of their extensive designcapabilities.

The solution: A portal with jailed content to capture qualified leads. A win for inquisitive prospects, a win for our sales team.


"Huh, I'm not sure..." - the response we often received after asking a potential customers to explain what their dream package for their product might be.  We decided that the missing element in our marketing ammunition was, simply put, inspiration.

By creating an "inspiration gallery" via the custom packaging portal, we springboard the ideation process by showing (not telling prospects) the breadth of our capabilities. In turn, our sales team can respond to any feedback (i.e. "I like the closure feature on container X, but I like the color shown on container Y..") and hone their sales strategy for that specific opportunity. Plus, access to the portal jailed until a short lead capture form is filled so opportunities don't fall through the cracks.