DPI Specialty Forming Rebrand

Display Pack's automotive applique division, DPI In-Mold, required a little brand refresh. After 40 years in the business, the team felt like the name no longer reflected the business they are today. We took this as an opportunity to not just update the division name, but to reflect on their current library of branded assets & see how we could improve them (at a minimal cost). More after the jump...

DPi specialty forming web page.PNG


The only DPI In-Mold "site" was a small footnote on the parent company's home page. Not anymore. DPI Specialty Forming is poised for growth in the automotive + commercial markets. This growth deserves a dedicated URL & internet presence. The entire "In-Mold" section experienced a top to bottom makeover of content + imagery (with the assistance of a local copywriter + our photography friends over at Allied GR Productions) and structure by way of the new subdomain. I served as project manager, creative director, and editor for this project. I developed the site nav, SoWs, shot lists, etc. & then coordinated agency efforts (copy, photography, + web development) to bring the site to life.

linkedin dpi specialty.PNG

DPI Specialty Forming LinkedIn Site

I established the new DPI Specialty Forming LinkedIn page as a dedicated resource for our Tier 1 & 2 automotive customers. Customers were confused seeing the mix of food packaging + automotive news on our main Display Pack LinkedIn page. The new page focuses solely on content designed for the Specialty Forming audience.

DPI Capabilities PPT.PNG

Capabilities PPT + Theme

I developed the 2018 DPI Specialty Forming Capabilities PPT + corresponding theme as an applique forming-specific resource for our team.